connecting those far from god to the abundant life of Christ

The Building Bridges Campaign is a three year journey of sacrificial giving. By making this commitment together, Restoration Church will be able to (1) renovate necessary parts of our campus, (2) build The Bridge: Coffee & Community which will be a central hub for our community to be known, to discover purpose and to ultimately meet Jesus, and (3) to equip other gospel-centric movements. The time is now. We’re excited for more and more people to discover the generous love of God through the bridges we build together as Restoration Church.

Jesus asked his followers to be his witness in four regions: Jerusalem (their own neighborhood), Judea (their "County"), Samaria (their region) and to the ends of the earth (the world). We have adopted this model for the purposes of this campaign:

the goal

It is our hope to raise $400,000 over three years, above and beyond our regular tithe and offering giving to supply the financial needs for these projects. 

$180,000 for Restoration projects

$120,000 for the launching of The Bridge: Coffee & Community

$30,000 for Mid Atlantic Church plants

$30,000 towards Compassion Int. & our 2023 Bolivia mission

$40,000 for overhead/unmet pledges

ready to pledge?

Pledge Sunday is June 12 but we are accepting pledges up through June 18 (and beyond)!


Will you commit to sacrificing for those who are not yet a part of the body of Christ and enable us to build bridges to those far from God? Our goal of raising $400,000 will become a reality when we each consider our part and sacrificially pledge a commitment from the chart to the left* that can be given over the next 36 months**.

 *Pledges need not be from this chart. This chart is merely a guide as to how we might reach our goal.

**Pledges may be given in any increment over 36 months, in one lump sum, a larger gift followed by smaller gifts, or...the possibilities are endless!     



It is our intent to (1) pave the back parking lot and restore the front parking lot, (2) renovate our kitchen, (3) build an expanded shed and (4) update the Lower Commons to create a more youth friends environment.

lower bucks


The Bridge: Coffee & Community will be a central hub for our community to gather, to be known and to meet Jesus. 



This campaign will allow us to grant several Converge church plants with necessary funds to get started.


(ends of the earth)

This campaign will also allow us to send a team to Bolivia in summer of 23 and to resource Compassion Int. and churches in Cochabamba to be a bridge to their community. 

Are you interested in the WHY behind building bridges? Learn about our region and our hope and plan to reach our community with the gospel of Jesus. 

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