At Restoration Church, one of our top priorities is that you connect with other Christians because we believe that the greatest life change happens in the context of personal relationship.  

We believe in the power of authentic community and desire for every person who calls Restoration Church home to find a community to belong to. To find close, caring, encouraging, supportive friends. To be known and loved just as you are knowing and loving.  

We do this through groups.  

And our groups fall into one of three environments: Foyers, Living Rooms and Kitchen Tables. 


 The foyer (foi’ er, foi ya’). An entry. It’s the place in your home that serves as the welcome area for guests and new friends. It’s the first step. These environments are where most people will experience Restoration Church for the first time and they serve as the perfect place to introduce our guests to life at Restoration Church. We hope attending a foyer event changes people’s minds about church.   

The Living Room (liv’ing room). A room in a home with sofas, chairs, used for social activity, entertaining guests, etc. When guests arrive and are welcomed into your home, you invite them into the living room. Everyone finds a comfortable place to sit and the interaction begins. At Restoration Church, this is where you connect with people like yourself. Smaller and more interactive than the foyer environments, these gatherings offer genuine opportunity to begin friendship and we desire that people change their minds about connecting.  

The Kitchen Table (kich-uh n tey-buh l). An object in a room designed for preparing food where family tends to gather for meals. It’s the place where one debriefs about their day, asks hard questions and receives, at times, hard answers, is refreshed and strengthened. It’s the place where one is known. Smaller still and more intimate than the living room environments, these gatherings offer intimate relationships. The kitchen table is where friends become family. And it is within the context of the kitchen table that people begin to change their priorities.