house groups

House Groups are short-term (3 -7 weeks) gatherings of 6 to 12 people who come together to Connect and develop friendships (they always share a meal together), Care For one another, which might mean praying, providing meals, helping with household tasks, helping to pay bills or generally carrying each other through hardships, and Cultivating our relationship with God through sermon based discussions.

These groups happen 3 - 4 times per year and are always in line with a sermon series. Sometimes these groups meet for 3 consecutive weeks ranging upwards to 7 consecutive weeks depending on the sermon series.

Our next house group cycle begins the week of January 29 with our sermon series, Jesus For Grownups. Keep scrolling to sign up. 

short term house groups

Our next cycle of house groups will meet for the three weeks of April 23, April 30 & May 7. Registration will be available starting April 2nd.