• administration | heather macclay

    Heather grew up within a stones throw of what is now Restoration Church before moving to Holland PA.  She is the proud mother of 4 wonderful children and wife to one Kevin MacClay!  Heather is a wizard when it comes to organizing and details and spreadsheets.  She loves planning parties, decorating (like, she should start her own company :)) and helping others fall more in love with Jesus.  Shoot her an email to say hello!

  • communication and ministry development | Emily Manders

    Emily grew up in Newtown PA before moving to MN for college.  It was at college she met Ross, fell in love and lived there an additional 8 years after graduating and getting married.  Emily is excited to be back in her home land helping her region to know God!  Emily loves the beach, reading, learning, playing the piano, teaching the piano, singing, Plexus (look it up), her 4 adorable children and yes, Jesus!  Give her a shout out over email to say hi!    

  • community integration | Julie Paglaiccetti

    Julie grew up in Bensalem PA.  She eventually moved to nearby Penndel, met her husband Tom and is the mother of two sweet kids.  Julie loves connecting people and helping them get involved with what God is doing at Restoration. She loves Jesus, learning, reading, hosting gatherings, the color pink and wearing Restoration t-shirts...and the beach, she really loves the beach! Send her an email to say hello!  

  • little blessings assistant | diann maher

    Diann is a native to this area. She strives to make the preschool experience as smooth and comforting for the kids and their parents. She, her husband and son (whom she loves) all are hockey fanatics (The Flyers specifically). Beyond hockey and her family, she loves Jesus too, walks on the beach and strolls through the park. Send her an email to get to know her! 

  • Little blessings director | diana peschen

    Diana has been an integral part of LIttle Blessings long before they were ever associated with Restoration Church. When Restoration began and adopted Little Blessings, she kept right on going blessing our community with her gifts of teaching little ones. She loves these children. Her desire is that every child of Little Blessings is loved and every parent supported (as well as to provide a great Pre-K education). She too loves Jesus, reading, the beach, her two biological children and her hundreds of adopted ones (the pre-schoolers). Send Diana an email to say hi! 

  • pastor | ross manders

    Ross grew up near Minneapolis Minnesota where he spent his first 30 years before moving East to plant Restoration Church. His goal is to help as many people as possible know God and love God and in that become more fully human. He loves Jesus, God's word, his wife, Emily, his four kids, people in general, the Minnesota Twins and a few other things. Say hello to Ross or ask him a question! 

  • restoration kids | kate haas

    Kate is a native to these parts--having gone to Pennsbury High School and all. She also works as an elementary music teacher in our district! Her hope is that through Restoration Kids every child will come to know the life-changing love of God and to empower their care-takers to do this too. She loves Jesus, kids, teaching kids about Jesus, music, baseball and her dogs Mowgli and Kensi among other things. Get to know Kate, begin by saying hello in an email!    

  • youth | josh ridder

    Josh grew up in Newtown, PA where he developed a passion for the Middle School and High School aged and helping them navigate the unique challenges of this stage of life. Josh directs a program called TreeHouse out of Restoration.  It's a beacon of hope into our region.  Josh and his wife Ann live in Penndel and have two children, Max and Leo.  Josh loves Jesus and desires youth to know and love him as well and to be transformed by his gospel.  Say hello to Josh by sending him an email!