take a step

No matter where you are on your faith journey, everyone's got a next step to take. Whether you're searching, skeptical or a seasoned believer, there's a place for you and a step to take.

Seedling  Tree

Our hope is that you'd become like Jesus. This is the essence of discipleship and ultimately where each step will take you. We have this hope because we believe knowing Jesus and being like him will make life better and it will make you better at life, but it's also how we were designed to function as humans. Not all of your circumstances will change but you'll gain new perspectives, understanding, hope and a community to go through life with. 

Seedling  Tree  Cross

Everyone begins this journey somewhere and in some context. We're excited that Restoration get's to be that context for you and that we get to do this together. Your journey will necessary take you through community as you journey along with others and eventually leading others as we learn to live in the world as Jesus did.

Learn how as you keep scrolling.

Hourglass Start


People begin their journey towards Christ with Restoration in all sorts of ways.  However you've found us, we're grateful to be on the journey with you.



It's our hope that everyone can get into a community in order to develop friendships, carry one another and learn together.



Ultimately, we desire people living and loving like Jesus every day, at every junction and in every situation. Hopefully, then, you'll "begin" again and lead others along on their journey.

Door Open


Our community is not an outside feature of who we are or what we do. We are in our community, for our community and therefore we do everything with our community in mind. Personally and corporately, we hope to function as a bridge for those far from God to draw close to him.

next steps

These next steps aren't necessarily linear but they are options of what may be next for you.


follow JEsus

Following Jesus is an act of faith. It begins by believing five simple truths: (1) I am a sinner, meaning I don't live as God has created me; (2) My condition will end in death if it is not remedied; (3) I cannot remedy it by myself; (4) Thank God he's done it for me through Jesus Christ; (5) Through Christ I can live as God created me. 


be baptized

Baptism is a public confession of your decision to follow Jesus. Our tradition and theological stance is to baptize by immersion because this best symbolizes partnership in the death and resurrection of Jesus. We typically do baptisms twice a year. 


grow in faith

Our main goal is that you would become more like Jesus. Growing is imperative, in other words. This is why we desire everyone to be in community and on our discipleship pathway. Not everyone's step looks the same but living and loving like Jesus is where every path ultimately leads.

Praying Hands

learn to pray

Prayer seems simple but for many it's a challenge. Where do I start? How do I do it? What do I say? Do I have to kneel? Does it have to be formal? Am I, a "normal person", even allowed? Questions are good, and we've got answers.


read the bible

We get that reading the Bible is a daunting task. It's long, it's often times confusing and what if we interpret it wrong? So, many people don't even try. Here are some tools and hints as to how to read the Bible well. And if you'd like additional help, join our "Understanding the Bible" course offered twice a year. 


get together

Groups are an important part of growth. The Christian faith is a communal faith because we model a trinitarian God and because love, our foundation, must always involve another. Groups are also where deep friendships are built and where we have the privilege of caring for one another.

Helping Hands

start serving

Volunteering our time, energy, strength and knowledge not only helps Restoration thrive but it also changes you. Joining a team and participating in the body of Christ at Restoration equips us to accomplish our goals, reach our community, and make disciples but it also helps you become like Jesus.


join us for lunch

Several times a year we gather for lunch at Pastor Ross and Emily's home. This "Lunch & Learn" will help you learn about Restoration, our purpose, our vision and to get you connected in groups, serving and partnership.