restoration kids

Our goal for Restoration Kids is to constantly present our little ones with the love of God. We do this through the songs we sing, the lessons we teach, the way we interact with them, the crafts we do and the activities we have fun with. We believe that the first foundation of the Christian faith is that God loves us. This love does not need to be earned and it cannot be forsaken. This love is beyond understanding and therefore calls our whole lives into its exploration. We believe this love is the most important lesson we can teach your children.     

We also understand that we get roughly one hour a week with your children and although we will do all we can to help your children grow spiritually during that hour, the spiritual growth of your children must be a partnered task. You as your child's parent/guardian must take responsibility for your child’s spiritual growth. Does that seem overwhelming? It's okay, we will do all we can to equip you and empower you to raise your children in a godly home with the principles of the Christian faith. We cannot raise your children for you but we will do all we can to help you in this most important task.     

who's involved?

Every Sunday morning we provide a safe environment for kids from birth through fifth grade where they can learn about Jesus and connect with each other.


Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministry, and it’s an honor to serve with each and every one of them as they love on kids each week! Every volunteer who leads in the Kids Ministry has gone through a robust kids safe process including background screening and training and is committed to making the ministry a safe, Biblically relevant, and fun environment for your kids.


checking in on sunday morning

Checking in is quick and easy!  

We have check in stations at both the front and back of the church.  Simply tell our check in host your name and we'll print off your sticker to ensure a safe and easy pick up after the service.  

If you have babies or toddlers, we recommend parking and checking in at the back of the church station.  This will make for the easiest transition into the church and their classrooms.  

If you are a first time guest, we encourage you to fill out our FAMILY INFORMATION FORM before you arrive.  Though you can do it on Sunday morning, it will make for an easier morning.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ASK.    

the gospel project

(what we learn each sunday)

We’re here for good news.


Gospel? It means good news. As Christians, it’s all too easy to forget that. Each week we explore God's plan to rescue his people through his Son Jesus Christ throughout the whole story of scripture!