parking lot

Restoration’s current parking lots are “broken bridges.” While they are functional, our parking lots make a bad first impression. 

Beyond that, our back parking lot is dangerous. Rocks get kicked up by cars which could seriously injure someone (see proof below from our dented siding). When it rains this lot floods. Imagine trying to pull your 4 year old from the back seat while standing in several inches of water. In the winter this lot becomes a skating rink (see below). Imagine gingerly attempting to cross the frozen surface hoping you or your child’s feet don’t slide out from under you. Beyond this, our parking lot has begun to wash-out onto Pinewood Dr. and has become a messy annoyance to our neighbors. 

Consider that 30+ families from our community entrust Little Blessings Preschool with their children using our back lot every weekday during the school year and hundreds of others come to our seasonal outdoor events. If this is a “bridge” they must cross, it’s a low confidence bridge. We can change this!

See the diagram to the right for how we plan to pave the back parking lot, creating a one way flow of traffic with a singular Pinewood entrance exiting to Lakeside. In addition we’ll enclose our dumpster and build a new expanded shed. 

This will be good for Restoration! Imagine our community events (Easter Eggstravaganza, Trunk or Treat, etc.) on a smooth, paved surface rather than in the mud after a rainy morning! 

A paved surface in close proximity to our building presents all sorts of opportunities! 

In addition our front parking lot will get a much needed sealing and paint job!

kitchen reno

Though the Restoration kitchen works as a food-prep space, it is not a fully equipped commercial kitchen. Currently this means we order catering or prepare hot meals offsite for every event we need food for. This limits the type of ministry we are able to do and increases our food related event costs. 

With a functioning commercial kitchen we will be able to provide weekly meals for youth before TreeHouse and prepare food onsite for Shared Meal and Advocates For the Homeless and Those In Need. A commercial kitchen could also become a rental revenue stream and build a bridge for outside groups to use our space.

With the expansion of the kitchen, we will lose a storage closet. Therefore, we’ll be building an expanded shed to help meet our storage needs.

lower commons

update as youth space

It is our plan to update the Lower Commons to be more appealing to youth. This may include cosmetic changes, technology enhancements as well as adding in youth-friendly activities and games. All of this will be done in cooperation with RC Kids understanding the space is limited and must remain multi-functional.