• easter morning

    Join us March 31 at 8:30 or 10:00AM for a celebration of new life! Easter is the morning we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! We'll have an inspiring message of hope, beautiful, encouraging music, awesome kids programming for birth - 5th grade and a welcoming, beautiful atmosphere.

  • a good friday experience

    Join us March 29 at 7pm for our Good Friday Service of song, solace and silence. This service will reflect on the nature of the cross, the death of Jesus, our lamenting and sorrows and ultimately end with hope as we look forward to Sunday morning. 

  • palm sunday

    Join us on March 24th for a unique and fun "family" service. This will be a fun and interactive telling of the Easter story engaging every age level! We won't have our normal RC kids this Sunday but ALL kids are encouraged to attend and join in the fun! 

    **in case you were wondering, we are taking a year off from our Easter Eggstravaganza. 

  • the hunt for the golden egg

    Somewhere in our region is a golden egg worth $500. Starting 3.10, clues will begin dropping on this page, below. Follow the clues, find the egg, crack it open, follow the instructions within and claim your prize! 

    See below for more details. 

  • sundays | easter and beyond | unexpected

    Everyone has a picture of what they think God (or the gods) is like and how they think God should act. From the earliest days of human history it was believed God was capricious and angry. God demanded much of people and was eager to reach for his quiver full of punishments for those who couldn't live up to his lofty standards. Maybe that's not the image of God you've drawn.   

    The Bible is God's self-revelation and though it may be confusing at times, the Bible provides us with our understanding of who God is and what he is like. And from every story and turn of the page the God who is revealed is UNEXPECTED. The people he uses is UNEXPECTED. His message is UNEXPECTED. The method of his salvation is UNEXPECTED. His humility is UNEXPECTED. From creation to the cross, God's self-revelation shows us an UNEXPECTED God...and man, is he good...beyond our dreams and hopes, the God revealed in the Bible is everything we long for.

    We invite you to join us this Easter and beyond as we explore this UNEXPECTED God.    

the hunt for the golden egg

Section Title

  • This egg hunt is open to the entire community! The only person who knows its whereabouts is Pastor Ross and Emily so they are the only ones excluded from finding it (but their kids are not). 

  • The picture above is the actual egg. It's the size of a typical easter egg, wrapped in gold tape. 

  • If you find the egg, cut it open, or unwrap it and follow the instructions inside. 

  • The hunting zone are as follows: HWY 1 to the North, the Delaware River to the East and South, 295 to the West with Neshaminy Creek as the Southwest boundary. SEE BELOW

  • The hunt officially begins on March 10. Clues can be found below. The hunt will end when the egg is found. 

  • We are a church IN our community, FOR our community. We love providing fun, family friendly activities to help our community thrive. We (obviously) believe in the work, the hope, the life and the community of Restoration Church so we want as many people to know who we are and what we're about. This is one way to introduce our community to Restoration in a fun way. 

  • Yes, anyone can access it without trespassing. 

  • Places that are publicly accessible :) 

  • As many as are needed. Previous hunts have seen anywhere between 6 and 15 clues be released. 

  • Every few days though we release more when people "play along" on social media by helping us share and interact with us. 

  • You can do whatever you want but he (and Emily) is sworn to secrecy. But he would love to get to know you so introduce yourself if you see him :) 

  • No. The egg is worth $500 which is under the IRS threshold for winnings. 

search boundaries

The egg is somewhere within these boundaries:


EAST - The Delaware River

SOUTH - The Delaware River

SOUTH WEST - Neshaminy Creek

WEST - HWY 295


the egg has been found

We'd like to congratulate Shana Hastings and family for finding the Golden Egg! It was behind a mask affixed to a tree in the Morrisville Riverfront Preserve.  

See below for an explanation of the clues. 

clue #1

As spring grows older
It will be harder to divine
Keep your chin up
But not too far, more on a flatline

This clue is telling you that the egg is "eye height" and also in an area with a lot of leaves.

clue #2

If Mary Poppins, James T. Kirk and Willy Wonka all got together, 

they'd probably start heading in the right direction.

These characters are played by Emily Blunt, Chris Pine and Johnny Depp who together appear in the film "Into The Woods." 

clue #3

If the Easter Bunny had 55 EggS

and hid 30 of them in your neIghbor's yarD

but thEn is chAsed by Their dog and dRops 6 of them

how many arE lEft for you?

Hidden in here is the phrase "Beside a tree". This has nothing to do with a zip code. 



Beneath the sky This thing is high up in the air

Envelops life for those it holds "life"

Sighing for relief for those longing to be quenched

Inside its belly is it holds this life

Detained the inside something

Elixir the life, or remedy

A giant to you and me this thing is tall

The beast stands tall and stands tall above us

Receiving word to others command the

Expel its remedy and release of this "life"

Enjoy its purpose it exists to give this life

This is a poetic description of a water tower, which was nearby.

clue #5

Brower went searching for blueberries

Except he never returned.

Searching for him

Involved a journey.

Determined they were.

Eating pies was only a story

Aside a campfire.

Take their path, not literally, of course.

Recall their way,

Enlist your friends and

Establish your footing next to me. 

This is a description of the movie Stand By Me. The last line is a poetic way of saying, stand by me (establish your footing next to me). In the movie, 4 young boys take an adventure to find the body of Ray Brower who was hit by a train while picking blueberries. They followed the train tracks to find him. The egg was near abandoned train tracks.

clue #6

Take a cue from the mountain life of Christine Boskoff.

The book "The Edge of the Map" has the subtitle, The Mountain Life of Christine Boskoff. The egg was on against the Deleware River, the edge of the search boundaries.