a season of celebration

Easter is the most wonderful time of the year! Without it, Restoration Church wouldn't exist, hope wouldn't exist and we'd all still be dead in our sin. So there's a lot of reason to celebrate! Join us this season as we remember all that God has done in these fun and reflective ways:

  • easter morning

    Join us April 9th at 8:30 or 10:00AM for a celebration of new life! Easter is the morning we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! We'll have an inspiring message of hope, beautiful, encouraging music, awesome kids programming for birth - 5th grade and a welcoming, beautiful atmosphere.

  • a good friday experience

    Join us April 7th sometime between 4 - 8pm for a Good Friday experience. Every 15 minutes the doors will open and a new self-guided tour will begin. You'll start in the sanctuary before voyaging through our building, stopping at many stations along the way that share the story of the last 12 hours of Jesus' life in unique and interactive ways. You are free to take whatever pace you like. Each station will have an opportunity to reflect and learn and participate. 

    If you have children, they are welcome to attend and participate with you but know your pace will change! 

  • the easter eggstravaganza

    The Easter Eggstravaganza is happening April 2nd from 11 - 1pm. Join us for our 10am service and stay for the festivities! This year's event will include: 

    Egg launching catapult | egg hunt for the littles | egg hunt for the adults | facepainting | balloon creations | crafts | an amazing maze | resurrection eggs | chicks and bunnies | hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn + more | a super cute photo stop | an early release clue for the Golden Egg! 

  • the hunt for the golden egg

    Somewhere in our region is a golden egg worth $500. Starting 3.19, clues will begin dropping on this page, below. Follow the clues, find the egg, crack it open, follow the instructions within and claim your prize! 

    See below for more details. 

the hunt for the golden egg

Section Title

  • This egg hunt is open to the entire community! The only person who knows its whereabouts is Pastor Ross and Emily so they are the only ones excluded from finding it (but their kids are not). 

  • The picture above is the actual egg. It's the size of a typical easter egg, wrapped in gold tape. 

  • If you find the egg, cut it open, or unwrap it and follow the instructions inside. 

  • The hunting zone are as follows: HWY 1 to the North, the Delaware River to the East and South, 295 to the West. 

  • The hunt officially begins on March 19. Clues can be found below. The hunt will end when the egg is found. 

  • We are a church IN our community, FOR our community. We love providing fun, family friendly activities to help our community thrive. We (obviously) believe in the work, the hope, the life and the community of Restoration Church so we want as many people to know who we are and what we're about. This is one way to introduce our community to Restoration in a fun way. 

  • Yes, anyone can access it without trespassing. 

  • Places that are publicly accessible :) 

  • As many as are needed. Previous hunts have seen anywhere between 6 and 15 clues be released. 

  • Every few days though we release more when people "play along" on social media by helping us share and interact with us. 

  • You can do whatever you want but he (and Emily) is sworn to secrecy. But he would love to get to know you so introduce yourself if you see him :) 

  • No. The egg is worth $500 which is under the IRS threshold for winnings. 

the egg has been found!

Congratulations Mackenzie Peschen and Co. for find the 2023 Golden Egg! 

Explanations of clues will be below and we're going to interview Mackenzie and her search team Monday (4.3) LIVE on facebook to hear how they deciphered and discovered the egg. 

clue 1

Soccer balls, often,

but seldom footballs.

Baseballs, sometimes,

and sometimes gloves.

Eggs at the Whitehouse,

but not in the fridge.

Soles of shoes,

but rarely laces.

clue 2

The warmth of the sun is a longing that's just out of reach.

I see it. But I cannot reach it. 

Its light is the envy of those who dwell in the shadows. 

But lo I wait to be discovered to once again feel its joy. 

clue 3

What would Psalm 121 sound like if it were a song of descent?

clue 4

Leaves are green

Water is blue

The egg is golden

God loves you

clue 5

The crust of the pizza is arguably the worst part. Shout out to Dominoes for at least trying to make it satisfying. Papa Johns provides the garlic dip, which helps. I would go to the crust first every time if it had some benefit. Why not cover it in cheese? Cause you couldn’t hold it? Use a fork or fold it in half like you do the rest of the pie.   

clue 6

What is the rim to a swoosh?

What is the hem to a seamstress?

What is the crust to a pizza?

What is the fringe to a green?

What is the periphery to a city?

clue 7

My life's lovecan disappear for all I careToo many hurricanes

Too many people

Too much debt

It's too sunny

and too hotI like it here

I want to be here

If you'd like to go back

I know how you can get there

clue 8 (helpers)

Clue 6 - provides the meaning to clue 5. Only one line of clue 5 matters.

Clue 7 - ask Rita Moreno for advice.

clue 9

Go to where peace and prosperity cross

underneath the symbol of our union

clue 10

I'd hate for this search to tear at your bonds

...our cause is one

(though you may not agree)

we must help each other if we would succeed.