There's a lot happening as we anticipate and remember the birth of Christ. Scroll down for details on how to connect with Restoration Church this Christmas season.

  • sundays: missing peace

    Whether it be relational, financial, personal, spiritual, emotional or...peace is often hard to find. Join us Sundays during advent (November 28 - December 19) at 10am to discover where to find it.   

  • christmas eve candlelight services

    Join us at 4pm or 11pm on December 24th for our Christmas Eve service.  This service will feature beautiful music, a relevant message and the passing of light as we reflect on the birth of Christ.  We are not offering childcare but please bring the family, or consider attending our family service.  

  • christmas eve family service

    At 10am on December 24th we're offering a special service aimed for families with younger children.  It will be a fun and interactive telling of the Christmas story as we engage the kids in creative ways.  You are welcome to attend multiple services ;).    

  • a family event: welcome christmas

    Join us on December 12 between 5 -7pm for a fun-filled family event featuring:

    - A living nativity

    - A maze made of lights

    - Our "tree" lighting

    - A hot chocolate bar

    - Ornament making

    - Bon Fires and accompanied snacks

    - Caroling

Somewhere in Lower Bucks County a Golden Candy Cane (GCC) has been hidden. Clues will drop periodically here beginning November 28 as to its whereabouts.  Join us on Facebook and Instagram for opportunities to drop additional clues.  

Please know: the GCC is publicly accessible. Clues given will direct you to its location using nearby landmarks, descriptions of its location, etc. and will gradually narrow in on where it is.

If you are the one to find it, open it, follow the instructions inside and claim your $500 prize (in the form of an amazon gift card).  

Clue #1

3 high fives bring these together, add them up to find the gilt and treasure.

clue #2

It's been a long, cold, lonely winter,

(but) the smiles returning to the faces, I feel that ice is slowly melting. 

Just don't tell the GCC cause it won't understand why. 

Clue #3

"I can feel our region's history as I sit here in the cold."  

Clue #4

There are 10 mm in 1 cm

There are 2.54 cm in 1 inch

There are 3 inches in 1 palm

There are 4 palms in 1 foot

There are 1.5 feet in 1 cubit

There are 2 cubits in 1 yard

There are 2 yards in 1 fathom

There are 547 fathoms in 1 click

Give me a high five (or 3) if you know what I'm talking about. 

clue #5

The two-dimensional version of this game was developed in India thousands of years ago as a lesson on morality.  Today, the three-dimensional version is enjoyed by kids and kids at heart on a daily basis.