christmas 2020

The light and comfort and joy Christmas brings is more needed than ever.  Scroll down to see how you can experience hope, peace, joy and love with the Restoration family this Christmas season. 

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sundays: the word became flesh

Statistics have shown that humanity is worse off in nearly every measurable and felt category because of COVID.  It’s not just the illness, it’s the way we treat each other, it’s the way we behave, it’s the way we think, it’s what we’re buying into. We are less patient, less kind, less self-controlled, more angry, more depressed, more anxious and the list goes on.  We’re unhealthier physically and emotionally and relationally. We’re more polarized than we’ve ever been, we’re less interested in listening, we’re less empathetic, less compassionate, more selfish, more self-defending, more justifying... 

We are waning as a people and so in the four weeks of this series, we’re going to look at how the word or the template, the example, the model for our design as humans, became flesh and dwelt among us.  This is why we celebrate Christmas—Jesus came into the world as an infant not just to live so one day he’d die and rise from the dead but so that he would show us what it means to be truly human. 


As we are sliding away from our humanity, we’re going to look at four interactions Jesus had to remind us and as we surrender, to empower us to live humanely and rightly, for our own benefit, for our family's and for the world. 


Join us in person at 10am by REGISTERING HERE or join us Online.

the giving tree

Each year we have the opportunity to adopt local families in need during the Christmas season, circle around them and provide them with practical items, gifts, clothes, food to express the love of God in an incarnational way, just as He did with the birth of Jesus.  

This year's tree is 100% virtual.  

Find our TREE HERE, follow the instructions and we'll be in touch with further details.  

christmas eve

We know Christmas Eve is a favorite service for many people.  The nostalgia, the candle lighting, the music...we are going to do everything in our power to maintain many of these same elements.  To capture as many people as possible, we're creating three unique opportunities to meet.

IN PERSON, INDOORS: 4pm and 11pm, December 24th.  Due to COVID and the need to contact trace, we require advanced registration.

REGISTER HERE for the 4pm service >

REGISTER HERE for the 11pm service >

IN PERSON, OUTSIDE: 6pm.  Bundle up for a carol sing, candle lighting and a brief message of Christmas hope. Due to the abbreviated nature of this service, chairs will not be provided. Due to COVID and the need to contact trace, we require advanced registration. This service is also weather permitting and an email notification will be sent day of if the service is being canceled.

REGISTER HERE for the 6pm service >

ONLINE: 4pm and 11pm, tune in ONLINE and on facebook to participate with us as we celebrate the birth of our savior!  

the hunt for the golden candy cane...and the silver bell

With everything going on this season, we're doubling the fun and doubling the blessing!  This year will feature two hunts, one for the traditional Golden Candy Cane worth a $300 amazon gift card and one for the NEW Silver Bell worth a $200 amazon gift card.  Get your thinking caps ready, the clues for the Cane will begin dropping in December.

clue #1

Ladders nor rope nor expert skill are necessary...but be prepared to climb.