be rich

Be Rich is a season of generous actions and good deeds toward our community.  We are compelled to generous love because God first loved us, entrusted to us all we have and invited us to manage his resources well and for the good of others. Throughout the year we live this out individually and corporately but each year around the holiday season we challenge ourselves to rise to new heights in good deeds and generous actions.  Keep scrolling to learn how.

4 ways to participate

look for the icon below to see which projects need which assistance

  • We challenge each family to contribute $40 to the cause. Does that seem unreasonable?  Consider $20 or $10.  Does that seem disobedient to the blessings God has entrusted you with?  Consider giving more!  Hit THIS BUTTON   to head to our giving portal.  Indicate Be Rich when giving.

  • Several of our projects need to be resourced.  We are accepting of all sorts of things (see below for details).  

  • Two projects involve shopping to bless our community: The Giving Tree, our annual Christmas blessing to those in need locally (see below for details) and our Manor teachers Christmas blessing (see below for details).   

  • Use your time and energy to serve.  Various projects will require hands to help and bodies to love on our community in fun, practical and tangible ways. See below for which efforts need volunteers.  

sundays during "be rich"

Be sure to join us at 10am each Sunday during this series as we learn together what it means to "Be Rich" and why it's so important. 

October 8 : Be Rich. 

We'll dig in to the inspiration behind Be Rich and learn what Paul encourages us to do with our earthly wealth. 

October 15 : Be the Light

Jesus says that he is the light of the world, he also says we are the light of the world. Jesus in us shines through darkness to give hope and restoration to a weary and chaotic world! Want to be part of it?! 


    WHEN: October 28 | 9am - 12pm

    WHERE: The Bridge, 6800 Emilie-bristol road, Levittown

    There are a number of projects needing to be done in order to get The Bridge ready for opening day. Everything from weeding, cleaning, staining, furniture construction and more needs to happen. No special skills are required but we'll let those who register know more specifics before the 4th. 


  • adopt a highway Helping Hands

    WHEN: OCTOBER 29 | 11:30am

    WHERE: Meet at the Pennsbury High School gravel parking lot on the corner of Hood Blvd and S. Queen Ann

    Join other Restoration friends as we clean up Hood Blvd. We'll break off into two teams and walk approximately 1 mile each picking up trash along the way. 


  • community pantry - stock Hand Holding Heart


    WHERE: Drop off in the Restoration lobby

    It's our goal to stock as many food and supply pantries as we can this holiday season. We're partnering with local schools and interfaith organizations to keep necessary items on the shelves for those who may be in need. 

    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Boxed Potatoes
    • Stuffing
    • Soup
    • Juice
    • Pancake Mix
    • Syrup
    • Cooking Oil
    • Sugar
    • Pasta Sauce
    • PB & J
    • Canned meat
    • Cereal
    • Sugar Free Snacks
    • Snacks (beef jerky, cookies, crackers) 
    • Canned Fruit
    • Any non-perishable food items are welcomed. 
    • Wet wipes
    • Bodywipes
    • Tarpes
    • Toothpaste
    • Deodorant
    • Blankets
    • Detergent
    • Thermal shirts. 
    • For men and women preferably in L/XL/XXL sizes used or new
    • Mens/ Womens sweatpants
    • Sweatshirts, sizes L/XL/XXL. 
    • Mens Jackets in XL/ XXL
    • Tents
    • Sleeping Bags
    Or consider this when shopping for food pantries:
    • Mac n Cheese needs butter and milk which are hard to come by at pantries.
    • Cereal needs milk too. 
    • Can openers help open canned goods, which pantries get a lot of. Consider pop-top cans. 
    • Spices (salt and pepper) are rarely provided to pantries but are a real gift. 
    • Tea bags and coffee are a unique and rare, but desired contribution to pantries. 
    • Same with sugar and flour. 
    • Cake boxes and frosting are a rare treat (but a great help esp. if there's a birthday coming up). 
    • Dishwashing soap/sponges, etc. are never given but greatly appreciated. 
    • Women's hygiene products are a real blessing as is deodorant and other hygienic items (like toothpaste, brushes, shaving cream, razors, etc.).
  • the bridge day of service Helping Hands

    WHEN: NOVEMBER 4 | 9am - 12pm

    WHERE: The Bridge, 6800 Emilie-bristol road, Levittown

    There are a number of projects needing to be done in order to get The Bridge ready for opening day. Everything from weeding, cleaning, staining, furniture construction and more needs to happen. No special skills are required but we'll let those who register know more specifics before the 4th. 


  • prayer gathering Helping Hands

    WHEN: NOVEMBER 5 after our 10am service

    WHERE: Restoration's front lawn

    We'll be gathering for a brief time of prayer as a community, on behalf of our community. Come circle up with us and intercede on behalf of our neighbors and pray for the work we're committed to this Be Rich season.

  • IFA Thanksgiving baskets Hand Holding Heart


    WHERE: Drop donations off in the Restoration Lobby

    Each year we partner with the IFA (Interfaith Food Alliance) to help supply a portion of baskets that will go to help families have everything they need for a festive Thanksgiving meal. This year we've been asked to supply the following:

    50 large boxes of instant potatoes (or 100 small boxes)

    100 boxes of stuffing

    100 jars/cans of turkey gravy

    All donations can be dropped off in the lobby. 

  • the giving tree Shopping Cart Arrow Down  Helping Hands


    WHERE: Various homes

    As part of our Be Rich season The Giving Tree is our opportunity to bless local families who need help providing a happy Christmas for their families.  It may mean helping to purchase presents, providing meals, clothing or other needs and unless the family you sponsor has only one child, or you take an entire family, you will be working together with others to bless your family. 

    Take a tag from our virtual Giving Tree HERE

  • manor christmas Shopping Cart Arrow Down  


    WHERE: all gifts will be purchased through amazon

    Being an educator is hard work.  This has always been the case but the challenge has increased exponentially the last couple of years.  The average teachers spends $750 of their own money to support their classroom each year.  As part of our Be Rich season we are gifting the educators at Manor Elementary School with gifts for their classroom, their desk or simply for them as a tangible expression of our love and gratitude for all they do.

    Shop for a Manor Teacher HERE

  • laundry love Helping Hands  

    WHEN: NOVEMBER 12 | 9am - 5pm

    WHERE: Laundry Zone, Pennsbury Plaza

    Join us to meet people where they have a need and share God's love and generosity by paying for their laundry with funds raised through our Quarter Carnivals. We'll spend the day getting to know people and sharing that they are loved unconditionally. 

    Bring the kids and sign up for a shift or two!


  • treehouse service project Helping Hands


    WHERE: Restoration Church

    We welcome all of our TreeHouse youth to participate in an afternoon/evening of serving our community. 

  • flier distribution and prayer walk Helping Hands

    WHEN: Fliers will be available NOVEMBER 12th, distribute at your convenience that week.

    WHERE: Your own neighborhood. 

    The Bridge is about to open and we need help telling the world. Take a stack of fliers and deliver them door to door (literally put them in the door) or mailbox to mailbox (put them in the mailbox flag, not the mailbox). Grab your kids, if you have them, hop on a bike or some rollerblades and make it quick! This is a great way to meet your neighbors and get them excited about The Bridge. Also, we encourage you to take this opportunity and pray over the houses as you pass them. 


  • restoration day of service Helping Hands

    WHEN: SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18 | 9am - 1pm

    WHERE: Restoration

    Join us as we fix and deep clean our building and prepare for the busy holiday season when we expect to welcome new friends! 

    Come lend a hand when you can and leave when you must! Any help from all ages is appreciated! Jobs will range from outside raking, dead-limb removal, prepping the garden, deep-cleaning inside and more! 


  • community day of service Helping Hands

    WHEN: SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19 | 9am - 12:30pm

    WHERE : begin at Restoration

    We'll begin with an abbreviated worship service (20 minutes) before we head out to serve our community! Some of the jobs will be at Restoration preparing blessings for our community to be distributed later in the season, some of the jobs will be at Restoration serving our grounds and decorating for the Christmas season, other jobs will be out in our community serving our neighbors and partner ministry. 


  • trenton area soup kitchen Helping Hands

    WHEN: NOVEMBER 20 & DECEMBER 18 | 3 -5PM

    WHERE: Trenton

    We're serving our local homeless and those in need by helping with dinner prep and service at the TASK. Learn more at the registration link:


  • pay it forward Helping Hands  

    WHEN: NOVEMBER 30 | 6:00pm

    WHERE: Start at Restoration | Sanctuary

    Gather your family & friends and head out into the community to bless some perfect strangers. We'll meet at Restoration Church at 6:00pm, hand you some cash and basic guidelines, then, have at it! Pay for someone's dinner or gas. Buy someone a cup of coffee. Give someone an exceptional tip. Hang out at the grocery store check out and just hand out money. Yes, people will ask "what's the catch?" but there is none. God's grace is FREE. We want them to feel that in this very tangible way. 


  • prayer walk Helping Hands

    WHEN: DECEMBER 5 | 6pm

    WHERE: Meet at Restoration and walk through Pinewood/Lakeside

    Bundle up and join us for a prayer walk around our community. Break down spiritual strongholds as we intercede on behalf of our neighbors and pray for a softening of hearts towards God and his Church.  


  • shared meal holiday shop & free market Hand Holding Heart  Helping Hands

    WHEN: Donations now through December 4 | Shared Meal Holiday Shop & Free Market: 6pm December 8

    WHERE: Restoration Fellowship Hall

    Our Shared Meal for our local homeless and those in need is renown within our community. During our December meal on the 8th, in addition to a wonderful hot meal we are also providing a Holiday Shop & Free Market: an opportunity for our local homeless and those in need to "shop" for what they may want or need. The donation list will keep expanding but for now we are looking to collect the following (donations can be placed in the lobby  in the bin marked "Shared Meal Holiday Shop").

    Hot Hands


    Wet wipes


    Long underwear (med - XL mens & womens)



    Granola Bars

    Snack packs

    Portioned trail mixes

    Beef jerky

    Canned soup

    Sugar free cookies or snacks

    Fruit cups/pouches

    Canned fruit



  • manor christmas wrapping  Helping Hands

    WHEN: DECEMBER 12 | 7 - 9PM

    WHERE: Restoration Church | Fellowship Hall

    We've purchased the it's time to wrap them! Our friends at Manor Elementary School shared their mid-year wish list with us and now it's time to wrap and share the gifts - just in time for Christmas! 

    Join us as we listen to music and wrap gifts. We'll provide the supplies and music - you bring your holiday happiness. 


  • life abundant christmas party Helping Hands  Hand Holding Heart

    WHEN: December 16 | 4 - 6PM

    WHERE: Restoration Church | Fellowship Hall

    We are hosting a Christmas party to celebrate the season with kids whose parents are incarcerated and their guardians. We'll have crafts, music and cookies and milk to make it festive. Life Abundant has partnered with Toys for Tots to help make this Christmas a little happier and we'll provide a small gift from us as well. But what we need most is help bake cookies, set up and interact with these families, sharing the joy of Jesus' birth.  


  • christmas caroling Helping Hands

    WHEN: DECEMBER 21 | 6:30

    WHERE: Meet at Restoration Church

    Bundle up and join us as we take to the streets to wish our neighbors a Merry Christmas with some good old-fashioned door-to-door caroling. 

    No formal voice training required - just a desire to spread cheer in the neighborhood. Dress festive and have fun (and there may even be some jingle bells to ring). 


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