Groups are an integral part of what we do at Restoration Church. We believe the greatest life change happens in the context of community so we put a lot of effort in to getting people into circles where they can connect with others, care for one another and be cared for and grow more into Jesus' likeness.  

house groups. what are they?

Each House Group consists of around 25 people who meet together weekly or bi-weekly in someone's house or at church. We believe that House Groups are great fit for you whether you are seeking God for the first time or you've been a Christian for a long time!

Half the night is spent doing large group activities such as eating, hanging out, playing games, a faith story from someone in the group, and brief recap of the previous week's message from pastor Ross (via video).  

The other half of the night is spent in smaller (6-12 people) groups throughout the house. While the large group setting allows you to meet a lot of different people, the small groups allow you to get to know a few people really well. 

why house groups?

We are becoming more and more isolated and alone in our culture every day. House Groups will help you meet great Christian friends AND help you grow in your faith! 

Many people never sign up for normal church small groups because it's too intimidating to join a group of 6-10 people that you don't even know. Since House Groups have so many more people, they allow you to naturally find smaller groups of people that you can actually connect with and want to be with.

People are longing for churches where they can actually know people. Even as Restoration Church has grown, House Groups provide you with a "small church" of 25 people who you can know well, grow with, and be cared for by. 

If you still have more questions about House Groups, read our House Groups FAQ's.

maps & calendar

If you'd like to see where the groups are located before you sign-up, you can browse the locations of each house group by clicking the maps or addresses below. Each of these houses are located within a few miles of Restoration.

  • monday night house group


    House Leaders - Tom and Julie Paglaiccetti

    Meets at Restoration Church

    Currently closed for the summer

  • MONday night house group


    House Leaders - Brian and Mary Hughes

    Meets at Restoration Church

    Currently closed for the summer

  • TUESday night house group


    7:00 - 8:30pm

    House Leaders - Kevin and Heather MacClay

    Meets at Restoration Church

  • wednesday night house group



    House Leaders - Greg and Kathleen Heil

    Meets in North Park, Levittown

  • saturday night house group



    House Leaders - Ross and Emily Manders

    Meets in Fallsington

how do i sign up?

One of the best places to sign up is at the Next Step Kiosk on a Sunday morning where you can get advice on which house might be the best fit for you.

However, you can certainly sign-up right now if you'd like! All you need to do is click here!

a house group isn't what you're looking for?

It is our hope that every person who calls Restoration Church home will choose to prioritize community in house groups. We understand, however, that there are seasons where this isn't manageable. We've therefore created additional contexts where you can connect, care for others and be cared for and grow to be more like Jesus.   

womens groups

  • womens fellowship

    Fellowship over coffee and light food.  An opportunity to pray together and catch up on life and make crafts for local organizations.
    When:               3rd Thursday of each month, 9:30 to 11:30am
    Where:              Restoration Church
    Contact:            Jan Wierenga

  • moms unite

    A support group for all moms of all ages. We’ll gather for support, encouragement and inspiration as discuss struggles that many moms face and reflect on God’s love in our role as mothers. 
    When:               2nd Thursday of each month, 8-9:30pm
    Where:              The Golden Dawn Diner, 7115 New Falls Rd, Levittown, PA
                              19055 (By 5 Points)
    Cost:                 Pay for what you order
    Childcare:         No
    Contact             Courtney Nelson                

  • mops (mothers of preschoolers)

    A gathering of moms who love each other like family. A chance to share hopes, dreams, failures and successes and be met with grace and encouragement to keep moving forward. 

    When:             Every other Friday from 9:30-11:30

    Where:            Restoration Church, fellowship hall

    Cost:               $75/semester

    Childcare:       Yes!

    Contact:          Amanda DeBlasio

mens groups

    take a class

    We offer a variety of courses throughout the year to help your understanding and practice in all sorts of areas.  Check out our class list for the upcoming year. 


    upcoming events

    There are always new ways to connect that don't demand ongoing commitments. Our events page is the best place to see what's coming up. Most of these are seasonal and come and go so be sure to check back often for the latest thing happening at Restoration Church! 


    serving opportunities

    One of the best ways for you to connect is to begin serving. You'll not only serve the mission of Restoration but you'll also make great friends and have a lot of fun while doing it. Check out all the ways to help Restoration function from Sunday morning through helping to plan and implement great events!