Just because we're labeled "Adult" doesn't mean we've stopped growing. In fact, these years can be some of the most fruitful and transformational. We've therefore created a number of environments that will help you in whatever stage of adulting you're in. Groups, fellowship, studies and learning communities are an integral part of what we do.  Getting into a "circle" will help you connect and grow. 

philosophy for growth

Christian growth isn't natural. If left to ourselves we would become more self-centered, not more loving. Discipleship, or becoming like Jesus, is something that needs to be learned and practiced. All our groups, in some way, help you do just that.

  • discipleship

    Christian discipleship, simply put, is learning to become like Jesus. It's ultimately what we're driving everyone towards. Everyone begins somewhere, but getting in a smaller circle (as opposed to rows) where you can engage others and learn in community is essential to growth. As you become more like Christ, it is our hope that you'll begin again, now as a leader, and take others along on the journey.


  • primary growth engine

    Becoming like Jesus takes intention, it takes knowledge, commitment, discipline, community and practice. It is our hope that everyone, at some point, joins our 48 session (6, eight-week sessions), curriculum based growth group and be so inspired that by the end they'll start again while taking a group of friends through it too. Each trimester Starting Point, which focuses on the basics of the Christian faith, A Story About A Story 1, 2, & 3, which walks through the whole story of scripture, The Way, which helps us understand what following Jesus means, and The Practice, which brings it all down to earth and daily living, will be offered.    


  • Groups of 6-12 that meet for 3 - 6 weeks at at time to connect, care for one another and cultivate their relationship with God by discussing the previous week's sermon.

  • Our primary growth track involves 6 courses. Beyond that, we offer several learning communities that come together around a certain topic to learn and implement their learning. 

  • Women/mens groups that gather to learn and discuss a portion or book of scripture or a theme/topic.

  • Typically larger groups that gather around a theme of life or activity.

college & career

We know that when one graduates from High School they enter a new and profound stage of life.  Those in college and the early stages of their career experience a roller coaster of exciting highs and deep diving lows. Don't do it alone. 

Our encouragement to you is to join a short term house group, a men's/women's study or onto our growth track. Get connected with the rest of the Restoration community. Though there is no specific group for people of this age range or stage of life, you will find mentors, coaches and friends across generations when you join these.

begin serving

One of the best ways for you to connect is to begin serving. You'll not only serve the mission of Restoration but you'll also make great friends and have a lot of fun while doing it. Check out all the ways to help Restoration function from Sunday morning to helping to plan and implement great events to serving our community!