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Without caring men and women using their gifts to serve others, church ministries simply would not exist. We thank God for you and the unique contribution you make through the time you commit, the position you fill, the gifts you exercise, and the love you share. It takes an army of volunteers to make Restoration Church function. 

If you would like to begin serving, here are the various ways you begin to serve God's mission at Restoration Church:

  • Restoration kids

    Restoration Church is committed to keeping our kids and our volunteers safe. Therefore, if you are interested in working with kids, you will first need to complete our Kids Safe screening and training process.  

    Check out the various ways you can serve in Restoration Kids

  • hospitality

    We hope Restoration Church is a place where people genuinely care for one another. Are you an includer? Can you walk up to a stranger and immediately find a good friend in them? Do you like making people feel welcome and that their presence is desired? Hospitality means a lot more than being a “greeter.” You are the first impression someone might have of our church. Here are the various ways you can help us be hospitable.

  • behind the scenes

    Some of the most important jobs are those that are done out of sight. And without these, we could not function.  Here are several great ways to get involved!

  • out front

    While some service opportunities are behind the scenes, many are very public roles. One is not better than the other, they are just very, very different. Here are several roles that are a little more out-in-the-open. 

  • seasonal

    We are always looking for servants who are willing to help with our various seasonal events

ready to serve?

Now that you know how you can serve, let us know you're ready to begin and we'll be in touch!  


Imagine for a moment that you saw a man holding a sign on a street corner asking for your help. Maybe you felt a tension inside you because you want to help the man but you aren't sure he can be trusted with your resources. What do you do? 

This scenario and a thousand others like it should call us to dream. We experience the messiness of life and the tension of desiring to change it that experience but we don't know how. So what do we do? We dream. 

For us, dreaming is an active conversation with God about how he's calling us to help bring peace and restoration to our communities. We jump into the think tanks, wrestle with other dreamers and come up with creative solutions to those problems that break our hearts. 

In the case of the man with a sign asking for our help, we have a regular gathering of dreamers who are committed to learning about the local homeless and creating bags of blessings to provide them. This was a simple solution that a dreamer developed. 

So here's what you do:

1. Ask yourself "what breaks my heart?"

2. Then ask, is God calling me to help alleviate this problem in our community?

If you've received clear and positive answers to each of these, than move on:

3. Come to one of our "THINK TANKS

4. Wrestle with your broken heart and the broken heart of others.

5. Creatively develop movement towards bringing peace into that particular brokenness.  


One of the greatest things about serving at Restoration Church is that you are part of a team doing it. There is instant connection with other like-minded individuals when you join a service team. Are you looking to get to know people? Serving is one of those hidden portals to community. Apply to serve and find out just how true this is!