growing relationally | influence in our world | community in our church

Community is an integral part of Restoration Church and our functioning. One of our top priorities is that you connect with other Christians because we believe that the greatest life change happens in the context of personal, growing relationship

But we recognize that for most Christians, 95% your life is lived outside a Christian context. We therefore hope to influence our world which means being in it. This doesn't mean becoming like the world, it means following Jesus while in it. It means offering hope and speaking peace into the brokenness you encounter. It means showing love in hate-filled situations. It means helping people see their God given purpose when work seems meaningless. It means giving a cup of cold water to a thirsty homeless person or sitting down with them for lunch when their sign says they're hungry. It means telling a world in despair about the hope you have in Christ. And it means inviting them into our foyer environments including Sunday morning at Restoration. 

We believe in the power of authentic community and desire for every person who calls Restoration Church home to find a community to belong to. To find close, caring, encouraging, supportive friends. To be known and loved just as you are knowing and loving. Our community groups are where you will grow most and be challenged to follow Jesus more closely, to know God and to love God.