Partnership is simply about committing to work together to accomplish the mission God has put before us. We need people with every gift set and ability, every personality type and idea. We need to think creatively about how to advance God's kingdom through our region and we need the willingness and effort of everyone to do it. So, in other words, "partnership" is about involvement, not passive observance. The benefit for each individual is being part of something larger than the self--it's meaning and purpose and joy and satisfaction. These can't be bought or registered for. It's being drawn up into the purpose of God.

And it's exciting!   

Consider what it takes to serve nearly 100 homeless and otherwise hungry. it would be nearly impossible for one person to do it alone. The organization, the set up, preparing meals--the list of things to do is massive. But together we do this every month. Each person of this team plays their part and this is the same for our kids ministry, volunteer custodial staff and every other service role, financial contributions, prayer efforts and relationship initiative.  

Partnership is about accomplishing something together.