small circles. what are they?

We understand that not everyone wants a community of 25+ that house groups offer.  Even though that 25 breaks down into small groups, for some it's completely overwhelming. Small Circles are intentionally small, like 3-8 people small.  When that threshold is met, the circle is encouraged to divide in order to multiply (split in half and now there's room for more people!).  Small Circles offer:

> gender exclusive context

> deepening relationships  

> accountability

> prayer support

> Bible study

> friends who love and care for one another

Our current Small Circles meet all over the place and some at unconventional times.  Keep scrolling to discover what's currently available:

men's small circles

  • tuesday night | chilis oxford valley

    A casual study of 1 Timothy.  

    WHEN: 9pm each Tuesday

    WHERE: Chilies Oxford Valley

    CONTACT: Ross Manders

  • tuesday night | newtown borough

    A casual study of Ephesians

    WHEN: 7pm every other Tuesday

    WHERE: Newtown Borough

    CONTACT: Jim Smolen

women's small circles

  • wednesday day | levittown

    A group gathering specifically of prayer

    WHEN: 10am each Wednesday

    WHERE: Restoration Church

    CONTACT: Christin Smith

  • wednesday night | levittown

    The Battle Plan for Prayer - Basic Training to Targeted Strategies

    WHEN: 7pm each Wednesday

    WHERE: Pinewood section of Levittown

    CONTACT: Rosemary MacMath

  • thursday morning | levittown

    A discussion on various scripture

    WHEN: Thursday morning

    WHERE: Stoneybrook section of Levittown

    CONTACT: Jan Weirenga