house groups. what are they?

Each House Group consists of around 25 people who meet together weekly or bi-weekly in someone's house or at church. We believe that House Groups are great fit for you whether you are seeking God for the first time or you've been a Christian for a long time!

Half the night is spent doing large group activities such as eating, hanging out, playing games, a faith story from someone in the group, and brief recap of the previous week's message from pastor Ross (via video).  

The other half of the night is spent in smaller (6-12 people) groups throughout the house. While the large group setting allows you to meet a lot of different people, the small groups allow you to get to know a few people really well. 

why house groups?

We are becoming more and more isolated and alone in our culture every day. House Groups will help you meet great Christian friends AND help you grow in your faith! 

Many people never sign up for normal church small groups because it's too intimidating to join a group of 6-10 people that you don't even know. Since House Groups have so many more people, they allow you to naturally find smaller groups of people that you can actually connect with and want to be with.

People are longing for churches where they can actually know people. Even as Restoration Church has grown, House Groups provide you with a "small church" of 25 people who you can know well, grow with, and be cared for by. 

If you still have more questions about House Groups, read our House Groups FAQ's.

maps & calendar

For a brief biography of the leaders and a description of each open house group, please click the sign up tab.  

  • monday night | langhorne


    1st and 3rd Monday

    6:45 - 8:30p

    House leaders: Tom and Julie Paglaiccetti

    Meets in Langhorne

  • tuesday night | levittown


    Every Tuesday

    7 - 8:30p

    House leaders: Kevin and Heather MacClay

    Meets at Restoration Church

  • wednesday night | Levittown


    Every Wednesday

    5:30 - 7:30p

    House leaders: Fran and Pat Kane

    Meets in North Park, Levittown

  • friday night | college and career | levittown


    Every other Friday

    6:00 - 8:00p

    House leader: Dave Anderson

    Meets in Vermillion Hills, Levittown

  • friday night | levittown


    Every other Friday

    7:00 - 9:00p

    House Leaders: Dave and Heather Towne

    Meets in Elderberry, Levittown

  • Saturday night | bristol


    1st and 3rd Saturday

    6:00 - 8:30p

    House Leaders: Byron and Ida Detweiler

    Meets in Bristol

  • saturday night | fallsington


    1st and 3rd Saturday

    6 -8p

    House leaders: Ross and Emily Manders

    Meets in Fallsington

How do i sign up?

One of the best places to sign up is at the Next Step Kiosk on a Sunday morning where you can get advice on which house might be the best fit for you.

However, you can certainly sign-up right now if you'd like! All you need to do is click here!