what to expect

We understand that coming into an unknown church for the first time can be intimidating and scary. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make this bold move:

1. Come as you are. Don’t feel like you need to dress up to be here.

2. Whether you've known God for a long time or aren't sure you even believe he exists, you are welcome here and we're excited you are here.  

3. We will never single you out as a first time guest or make you feel uncomfortable.  

4. If you want information on our church, please visit the Next Step Kiosk and while you’re there, grab a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea.  

5. During the service, you will be encouraged to participate through singing and learning. We know it may seem a little weird so please don't feel the need to sing along (you may not know the songs anyway!).  Just listen and read along.  We take singing and the study of scripture seriously. Singing allows us to ascribe God his due worth, proclaim his name and remember what he has done. The study of scripture allows us to learn from it, be changed from it and to love God and others more fully because of it.  

6. Our service lasts roughly 65 minutes and begins promptly at either 9AM or 10:30AM.  

7. We love kids and we will love your kids. We have Sunday morning programming for ages birth through 5th grade. If you have kids, please know they, too, are learning more about Jesus and having a great time!  There is programming for Middle and High School both Sunday and Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm.    

8. Each week everyone is instructed to fill out our connection card during the service. Please know we will not stalk you or show up at your door uninvited. We use this information for data purposes and to say “Thank you.” That’s it. We promise. 

9. Take a look at this short video to get a feel for what Sunday morning at Restoration Church is all about.