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Every youth struggles but not every youth has a mentor to walk with them through those struggles. Young people are crying out for someone to let them know that they are not alone in this world, and we exist to provide those youth with positive, loving mentors and a safe environment to share with others and grow on their journey.

Whether you are hurting and broken, addicted, depressed, feel you don't have value or worth or simply are in Middle School or High School learning what it means to be human in the throws of that environment, TreeHouse is here to listen, talk, love you, accept you and walk with you.  

You are lovable.  

You are capable.

You are worthwhile. 

josh ridder

Josh has a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry with a minor in Biblical Studies from Bethel University in Saint Paul, MN. Ever since he was encouraged to lead a small group of 5th and 6th graders when he himself was in 10th grade, Josh has felt the call to spend his life reaching out to youth, developing them into followers of Jesus Christ. With nearly a dozen mission trips under his belt and paid and volunteer positions in half a dozen types of youth ministry settings, Josh has seen his a wide range of strategies and models of reaching youth with the Gospel. Over the years the ministry that has made the biggest impact on him was his time as a TreeHouse Intern in New Hope, MN. Josh spent the summer or 2008 in the summer internship program with TreeHouse and continued to volunteer with the New Hope location until late fall of 2009. Josh learned a lot during his time in the youth ministry program at Bethel University, and some of the most profound educational experiences in youth ministry he had were during his time mentoring youth with TreeHouse. Especially in looking back and comparing his time with TreeHouse to that of other youth ministries he has been involved in, Josh realizes that the mentorship model of TreeHouse is really the difference-maker. He has found that the most effective way to help bring about life change in any individual adolescent (or adult for that matter!) is to do life with them! Whenever he has an opportunity, Josh is advocating for a stronger focus on mentor based relationships in the youth ministry settings in which he has been involved.

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Josh runs a non-profit organization named Hope For Youth.  It is this organization that runs the TreeHouse program at Restoration Church.  If you would like to partner with Josh through prayer, resources or volunteering, simply click the hands above.  If you would like to contact Josh, click the phone. If you would like to learn more about this ministry and stay up to date on all that's happening, click the blog icon.