do lent generously

Lent is a season of preparation and analysis on what Jesus did for us and how we are called to respond. Our response is Love. For the 40 days of Lent we are choosing generosity. 

40acts is a program we are partnering with. Each day you will receive an email with 3 different levels of generous prompts. Choose one each day, enact it in your community and see what it does to you and the world in which you live.  


god loves you and so do we

In addition to the 40 acts, we have it as our mission to distribute 10,000 cards expressing God's love for the world to our community. There are a lot of creative ways we can do this.

  • find a community board and simply put a few on there
  • give one in addition to a tip at a restaurant
  • pay for someone's coffee.  Why?  Because God loves them and so do we
  • give one to a friend or neighbor
  • put one on each of your co-worker's desks
  • attach a $1 bill to a few cards and leave them at the mall  
  • get creative!

Cards are available at Restoration Church any Sunday or mid-week.