Little Blessings

Little Blessings seeks to provide quality Christian education to our community at a nominal cost. 

Classes are held each weekday from 9:30-noon (with an afternoon option until 3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Pre-K).


Three-year-olds meet Tuesday/Thursday

Pre-K (4-5 year olds) meets Monday/Wednesday/Friday. 

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our hope

The first thing you should know is that we love your kids. We consider them family. No, we're not going to raise them for you but we are here to walk alongside you, teaching them to be responsible, fun-loving, hard-working, generous, loving kids that will one day become responsible, fun-loving, hard-working, generous, loving adults.  

But we also see our role as preparing them for kindergarten and years of future learning. We take great strides each day to provide a structured academic and social learning environment. We hope each child will have an enhanced self-image and sense of accomplishment through our encouraged independence. 

Each day your child will participate in free play, circle time, project time, snack time, fine motor and large motor time and a closing circle time. Each day we prepare your child for kindergarten by exploring the alphabet, sounds, numbers, the calendar, weather, art and printing--all through the use of stories, songs, poems and other creative material. 

In addition, every month we concentrate on a spiritual theme in which we are able to tell of the great love of God and the good news of Jesus Christ in age appropriate ways.  

Our hope is that as your children leave Little Blessings, they are prepared to enter and succeed in kindergarten both academically and socially as well as have a firmer foundation built on the love of God.   

daily schedule

9:30-10:00          Arrival/free play

10:00-10:20        Circle time

10:20-10:40        Project time

10:40-11:00        Snack

11:00-11:20        Outdoor Play/Table toys

11:20-11:45        Daily special

                              Monday/Tuesday - Library

                              Wednesday/Thursday - Show-n-tell

                              Friday - Letter show-n-tell

11:45-12:00        Closing circle

12:00                   Pickup

12:00-12:30        Lunch (for full day students)

12:30-1:00          Arrival/free play

1:00-1:20            Circle time

1:20-1:40            Project time

1:40-2:00            Snack

2:00-2:20            Outdoor play/table toys

2:20-2:45            Daily special

                              Monday/Tuesday - Library

                              Wednesday/Thursday - Show-n-tell

                              Friday - Letter show-n-tell

2:45-3:00            Closing Circle

3:00                     Pickup

*children spending the full day will have alternate activities in the afternoon. 

special events

We also enjoy 3-5 field trips a year in which we encourage parents to attend. 

  -The Firehouse

  -Pumpkin Patch

  -Pretzel Factory

We also host a variety of events throughout the school year so that families can meet and mingle. 

  -Halloween parade

  -Thanksgiving Feast

  -Ornament night

  -Valentine's dance

Each year we begin with a getting-to-know-you-gathering. Throughout the year we enjoy Chick hatching, traveling animal farm, butterfly release and more! We then conclude each year with a closing program and graduation. 

our team

These 3 incredible women manage and organize and instruct and love and care for 45 children each week.  If you have any questions simply click their picture and send them an email. 

classes offered | pricing

Pre-K (4 and 5 year olds)

        MWF morning                                    MWF afternoon enrichment                                    MWF full day

        9:30-12:00                                         12:30-3:00                                                               9:30-3:00

        $250/month                                       $250/month                                                             $350/month

3 year old                                                    *$50 non-refundable registration fee

        TTH mornings                                      *Program is in session from September through May



contact us

Little Blessings

Phone: 215.949.2602


401 Pinewood Dr. Levittown PA 19054