our mission

Our mission is simple: to know God and to make Him known.  Another way of saying this is that we are learning (and increasing our ability and capacity) to love God and love people.  Love is, simply put, what it's all about. We gather on Sundays and in communities in order to grow in our knowledge and love of God and to go into the world to share it understanding that we only love because God first loved us (1 John 4:19)--we function like a mirror reflecting God's love back to him and on to the world.  We believe this simple yet profound exploration will best help us accomplish our vision.     

our brand

Our logo tells the story of who and what we are about. It tells the story of restoration.

  • It starts with the rugged, unfinished edges that are dark, unclean, and far from perfect.
  • Pointing upwards towards God, the second part is restored, like new.
  • The two portions form a cross, the means by which we experience restoration.
  • The dark blue/gray color represent our messed up lives. The red color demonstrates our newness in Christ through His blood and sacrifice.

We use this symbol to tell our own stories of restoration, who God is making us to be.

RC kids brand

Similarly, our Restoration kids logo tells a story. In some ways, the story of redemption is like learning to color in the lines. Sloppy lives spilling over intended edges. None of us are perfect. And yet when we are introduced to Jesus Christ (his life, his love, his cross, his blood, his grace), a process of conformation takes place. We become like him and little by little, from the inside working out, we begin to color our lives within the figurative lines.

But beyond this, coloring is fun. God never intended to make robots. He wants us to use our creativity and unique gifts to serve and worship him. Children are creative, they are gifted--we want to teach them at a young age to use their lives in all it's beauty and uniqueness in love for God and others.